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How to choose a tendering expert

Win a tender proposal with expert help online

How to win a tender proposal bid is straightforward with the advice and help of an expert online.

Here's how to choose a top tendering expert. 

Win a tender proposal bid with help from a professional tendering expert_________________________________________________
Look for relevant experience
Nothing beats decades of experience in planning and preparing to win a tender or proposal contract.

True tender writing specialists will be focused only to win a tender bid - not on a mixture of other activities.

Tertiary technical education
Writing tender bid copy about technical matters depends on a sound understanding of engineering and science. Total accuracy is vital.
Technical salesmanship skills
Tender bid writing needs practical technical sales experience
to motivate evaluators to recognise your excellence.
Strategic planning skills
Tendering experts need strategic planning skills to find and apply all the most competitive angles for each tender bid.
Tender bid research skills
Help with tender bid writing requires gathering up-to-date, accurate information quickly and expertly from many sources.
Tender bid management skills
A well-structured tender bid methodology process is a must to keep you informed and in control while making rapid progress towards meeting deadlines.
Third party approval
Evidence of relevant past help with tender and proposal writing must come from credible independent sources. Self praise is no praise.


Look for where clients have placed many repeat orders

Clients who have placed over 100 assignments must have seen great results.

Technical writing skills
Formal training in technical journalism, editing and proofreading are essential for tender bid and proposal writing.
Tender bid illustrating skills
Illustrations are vital. They must have expert design to project all the key competitive benefits.

Tender bid training skills

All your staff involved with tender bid writing need training to recognise and apply Best Practice.
Technical marketing skills
Tender bid specialists must apply expert technical promotion from websites to presentation materials that can strongly support your bids.


Look for a tendering expert with great new ideas
To win a tender you may face strong new competitors. Your advisor must keep you improving

Expert service available face-to-face, or online.

A choice of tender bid support services will always let you select what works best for your needs.


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