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Tom Evison NZ tender proposal consultant managing director TecadsTOM EVISON, Managing Director, Tecads

NZ tender proposal consultant Tom Evison has researched procedures for winning contract tender bids and proposals in ten countries.

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Tom's career highlights

Early on Tom studied for AMIMechE, and gained passes in physics, pure maths, applied maths and economics at Canterbury and Victoria Universities in NZ.


Engineering skills
Tom did an engineering apprenticeship then held management positions

 in methods engineering, production control, estimating, sales

 engineering and marine engineering deep-sea.

Technical journalism
Tom joined the editorial staff of Engineering News in London and learned to tell the world about cutting-edge technology.  He attended the technical journalism course at West London Polytech.  Tom then became first editor and advertising manager of New Zealand Engineering News.

Technical Advertising Ltd
Finding that none of the 100-odd advertising agencies in New Zealand appeared competent at handling technical accounts, Tom formed Technical Advertising Ltd (Tecads) and led a team of up to ten colleagues to help clients explain the technical excellence of their products and services.  The division Technical Press Service was formed to produce first-class press releases and feature articles mainly for trade journals and daily newspapers.

Technical marketing
Tom soon found that NZ industrial buyers receive many types of sales message:  tenders and proposals, sales presentations, corporate promotion, product/service articles, display advertising, sales letters, catalogues and leaflets, newsletters, exhibition displays and websites.  Most important were the tenders and proposals.  “All the rest should be there only to help firms win the most profitable business in their marketplace”, says Tom.  He devised effective planning and research programmes to improve results, solve problems and meet clients’ goals.

Sales engineering
Having trained and worked in New Zealand and England as a sales engineer, Tom formed links with the British Institution of Sales Engineers and led a team to establish the NZ Institution of Sales Engineers.

Tecads became the only advertising agency in the Total Quality Management Institute, and Tom applied TQM principles to eliminate faults in tenders, proposals and other communications using quality circles and results analysis.  Tom totally rejected the opinion attributed to a leading industrialist:  “Half my advertising budget is wasted – but I don’t know which half”.  Says Tom:  “Waste in industrial communication reflects just as badly on management as waste in industrial production”.


Worldwide links
Over the years, Tom visited clients’ principals in nine countries to learn what works best (and worst) around the world in winning the most desirable contracts.  Tom then introduced these innovative methods to Tecads clients.

Tom led two-day public seminars on Industrial Marketing in Auckland and Wellington.  Customised training seminars were developed for many clients.

Some 40 of Tom’s articles on tendering, industrial marketing and quality in sales communication were published by several industry magazines.  “Improving Your Tenders” (54 pp, 1997) and “Winning More Profitable Tenders” (64 pp, 2007) were published.

Today, Tom is passionate and optimistic about helping directors and senior managers to guide their teams towards winning the best, most profitable contracts without price-cutting.  “Best Practice in tendering is an achievable goal”, says Tom.  "Why settle for less?”


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