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Tecads - our history


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Our vision and mission
Tecads' vision is for all businesses chasing the best contracts through competitive tender bids and sales proposals to have easy access to tools that would help them win every time - without price cutting.  Our mission as tender proposal bid specialists has always been to research and apply Best Practice skills to all the processes involved.
Attracting sales enquiries
Tecads' first contract was to edit "NZ Engineering News" and sell all its advertising space.  Tecads styled the journal so that every issue produced hundreds of worthwhile sales enquiries from influential readers.  Next we set up Technical Press Service to write technical sales articles in a style that produced hundreds of sales enquiries from many trade magazines.


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Winning sales contracts
We soon found that our best clients wanted much more than sales enquiries.  They wanted to win the best contracts.  But when we checked how clients went about preparing their tender bids and sales proposals we were alarmed at the faults being ignored.  So we developed a new methodology for successful competitive bidding: it soon became Tecads' No. 1 strength.

Over many years we visited clients' principals in nine countries and looked closely at how they won their best contracts in local and foreign markets.  Adding these ideas to our textbook learning and hands-on experience, we strengthened our own unique systems.

Magazine advertising
Tecads became an accredited technical advertising agency and managed display ads for many firms large and small.  Best results by far came when our professional technical sales articles were published in conjunction with display ads that gave a matching impression.

Trade shows
Clients found trade shows very costly to exhibit at, so we called at dozens of international trade shows in North America, Europe and Asia.  We found out why a few exhibitors achieved great success, while most did not.

Best Practice
Tecads now has systems for producing all types of contract bid, and the technical promotion to support them.  Providing a fast track methodology to Best Practice, these systems cover research, planning, writing, illustrating, editing, measuring results, and trialing new ideas.  We believe that the essential inputs to Best Practice are technical understanding, total accuracy, empathy with all parties involved, and continuous innovation.