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Tender consultants at Tecads - meet our team

Tecads' team of tender bid consultants plan and prepare technical contract tender documents with the very best chance of success without price-cutting and against tough competition.

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Tom Evison tender bid consultantTOM EVISON:  Managing Director
Co-founded Tecads to help weed out inefficiency and waste in technical sales communications - especially contract tender bids and sales proposals.  Now a leading tender consultant.
Tom can make your contract tender bids and proposals more competitive, more professional, and easier to prepare.
Skills:  Technical communications, engineering, science, technical journalism, technical marketing, technical advertising, tender writing, strategic planning, market research, quality management, tender training, tender consultancy services.
Career:  Engineering (mechanical, production, marine, sales), technical journalism (London and New Zealand), technical advertising, management consulting, training advisor, tendering specialist.
Passions:  Raising efficiency, motorcycling, wilderness hiking.
Location:  Birchfield, northern West Coast of New Zealand's scenic South Island.
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REBECCA HOPE:   Executive Director

Rebecca Hope contract tender consultant

Joined Tecads in 2001 to help streamline the planning of technical communications.  Now an expert in strategic planning for complex communications including contract tenders. Rebecca guarantees she can make your communications more compelling.
Skills: Infographic communications, transforming dry text into compelling visuals, strategic analysis of key messages, tendering.

Career:  BCA - Victoria University Wellington, Institutional Investment Products Marketing & Sales (JP Morgan - New York, Morgan Stanley - New York, Morgan Stanley - San Francisco), Co-founder and Managing Director of Motive8 Strategic Visuals.

Passions:  Enabling leaders to communicate their ideas quickly and effectively, eliminating dull Powerpoint presentations, raising two wonderful children, travelling the world for new ideas.

Location: Nelson, New Zealand (the beautiful sunny city).

Contact:  rebecca (at)



KEN HOPE:   Graphics Director

Ken Hope contract tender consultant

Joined Tecads in 2000 to manage the production of technical graphics for contract tenders, sales leaflets, display ads and other communications.  Foremost expert in producing strategic visuals to communicate complex issues including tendering.
Ken guarantees he can convey your message quickly and clearly.
Skills:  Strategic visual consultation, development and production, and other infographics for technical communications.
Career: 1998 Editorial Artist of the Year (Qantas) winner for infographics at Evening Post, Editorial Artist for Singapore Straits Times, Co-Owner and Creative Director of
Motive8 Strategic Visuals.
Passions:  Eliminating dull Powerpoint presentations and dry Word docs, raising Master Jackson, Miss Jessica and Miss Maya.
Location: Nelson, New Zealand.

Contact: ken (at)

SALLY EVISON:   General Manager

Sally Evison contract tender consultant

Co-founded Tecads to provide a Best Practice service in technical sales communications. Sally guarantees that the processes of Tecads are professional.
Skills:  In-house and client communications, quality control, accounting procedures.
Career:  Publishing (London), Advertising agencies (NZ).
Passions:  West Coast living, family, gardening, whitebaiting.

Location:  Birchfield, northern West Coast of New Zealand's scenic South Island.
Contact: se (at)