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How to improve bid management

Bid management

Case studies from Tecads' extensive files


  • Bid management at an aviation training facility faced tough international competition.  Tecads found major flaws in their tendering strategy, documentation and supporting publicity, and guided the improvement process.
  • A compressor multinational hoped to improve market share.  Tecads surveyed their sales staff in three centres, found many ways to improve, and managed production of a Best Practice winning tender bid.
  • An electronics manufacturer suffered delays and frustration when producing every contract bid.  Tecads bid management led Quality Circles in three centres to find the basic problems and help with their lasting solution.
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Strategy and research

  • An anxious roading contractor used tender non-price attributes that were badly written and poorly illustrated.  Tecads researched the true strengths of this firm and produced a model bid document that was very competitive.
  • An uneasy civil contractor put out tender bids containing no valid reason why they were the best for the job.  Tecads bid management brought their strategy and documentation into line with Best Practice.
  • A computer multinational struggled to launch a new model.  Tecads researched their target customers and led a training programme to produce professional proposals based on a highly competitive strategy process.
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Writing and production

  • A prominent consulting engineer had previously never obtained professional advice on preparing contract bid documentation.  Tecads tender bid management service found major faults for rapid correction.
  • An underground services contractor missed winning contracts due to a weak bid document template.  Tecads strengthened all sections to make it very competitive.
  • A Ministry drafted a technical guideline document containing much weak, ambiguous text.  Tecads edited the copy so that the intended readers would quickly see the issues and act wisely with confidence.
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Checking and review

  • A civil construction maintenance contractor was right on deadline with a local authority tender bid document. Tecads bid management service quickly corrected major errors and omissions leading the bid to win.
  • A filtration system contractor failed to correct mistakes and omissions before their tender bids went out.  Tecads made major improvements and checked every new bid prior to despatch.
  • An earthworks contractor was failing to get shortlisted from Expressions of Interest.  Tecads found and corrected many errors and omissions.
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Marketing publicity

  • A mechanical services contractor had only weak presentation tools to support local and offshore tender bids.  Tecads researched past customers and prepared illustrated testimonials.
  • A welding system manufacturer worried about stiff competition and many of their proposals failed.  Tecads checked their methodology in two countries and produced model processes for bids and supporting technical publicity.
  • A truck multinational nervously faced the tender opportunity of the decade with no support from technical sales publicity.  Tecads bid management process advised on a winning strategy and Best Practice bid document.
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  • An ambitious electrical contractor followed no professional process when preparing each tender bid.  Tecads trained the sales team and led an improvement programme.
  • A refrigeration production engineer worried about wasting big money on lost bids.  Tecads bid management service trained three sales teams, upgraded contract bids and technical publicity, and improved corporate status.
  • A local authority trading entity put out major roading bids that contained many errors and omissions.  Tecads lectured the tendering team on better bid management, competitive strategy, documentation and supporting publicity.
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