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Tecads - Terms of Trade

Definition of Client Tecads tender proposal consultants give direction

The Client is the Company, Government Authority or Incorporated Group that commissions Tecads (Technical Advertising Ltd) by letter or email to perform the work.


Invoices may be issued to the Client at stages of the project.
For work completed by Tecads, each invoice to the Client will represent work done to the date indicated on the invoice.
For published advertising commissioned through Tecads, each invoice will relate to insertions commissioned by the Client.



Payment by the Client will be due within 20 days of the date of invoicing.

Overdue accounts
Tecads reserves the right to charge the Client interest at current rates to all invoices not paid by the due date. 
Tecads reserves the right to charge the Client for any costs incurred in recovering any overdue amount including all debt collection costs and/or legal fees.

Tecads will keep confidential all information provided to it by the Client.  Tecads will sign a Confidentiality Agreement if required.

The Client will keep confidential all reports and checklists marked © that Tecads provides to the Client.

The Client will arrange for all illustrations, documents, materials and files supplied by the Client and lodged with Tecads to be insured by the Client against any accidental damage or loss, and will indemnify Tecads against such events

Tecads owns the copyright on all checklists marked © and infographic images it provides or creates under contract to the Client.